2018 Fall Fashion Color Trends and How Vintage Fits In

I have been scouring the fall fashion magazines and online fashion resources to wrap my head around all the 2018 fall trends and it is a lot. If I had to sum it all up quickly I would say almost EVERYTHING GOES...which is awesome because it allows you to use pieces you already have and keep your own style.

So I want to break it all down in a few different blog posts and we are going to start with color. When I say Fall (autumn to the rest of the world) you think...leaves in rich shades of yellow, red and orange and all those colors are hot this year for fall. But I have also found some beautiful cool tones in lavender, pink and blue that are gorgeous and unexpected. Here are my favorite colors for this fall and the vintage pieces that can push your style over the top.


 Golden Yellow

Rich Golden Yellow

This rich golden yellow is beautiful and versatile. It is such a warm color that it is eye catching and inviting all at once. You can match it with black or brown or a mixture of both. This 1950s tortoiseshell lucite tile handbag looks like it was meant to be with color and if you want to add just a hint of this color to an outfit a citrine ring would do the trick.

           Tortoiseshell Lucite Purse             Citrine Ring


Light Lavender 

Light Lavender

This is a color I was not expecting for fall and it is my absolute favorite. This cool lavender looks beautiful on everyone and can go with jeans or a little black dress. If you are looking for one statement piece for this fall I would suggest something in this soft purple shade. As for the vintage twist, amethyst jewelry is a perfect way to flash this color and gold compliments and warms this color up. The following are the pieces from Scotch Street Vintage that are perfect with lavender.  



Dusty Plum

This dusty plum color screams bohemian to me which is why I love it paired with those favorite worn in jeans and a cream shaw. Bohemian is a big theme for fall 2018 but this color is a trend of its own. This is the perfect color to compliment with contrast which is why I love it with turquoise jewelry. As for picking the perfect vintage bag...don't put away those summer wicker and straw purses just yet, they lend so much to the bohemian style keep them out into fall.

  Vintage Turquoise Ring   Vintage Wicker Purse   Vintage Turquoise Earrings


Soft Blue

Soft Blue

I was finding this trendy blue hard to describe because you see it in light to dark but it is always the same hue with some gray and purple and it is always a soft color. Think about those paint swatches you get at the hardware store that have five colors all in the same hue from light to dark. Regardless how you want to describe it this color is lush and beautiful. Because this color is so lush it does tend to be more dressy and formal clothing. I loved matching this very feminine diamond ring and this navy glass bead box purse they look so pretty together.



These are not the only popular colors for this fall, as I said before there is a lot of anything goes this fall but these are things I found up at the front with fashion retailers and my favorites. Next week I'm talking about more 2018 fall trends like floral OMG all the florals and how vintage can fit in with all of them. If you want to get Scotch Street Vintage news in your inbox click here to sign up.


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