2019 Wedding Trends - Winter Weddings

New Series! - One of the reasons we decided to start our own website was so we could offer more content beyond selling our vintage beauties. So...once a month we are going to do a deep dive into different wedding themes and trends. Our hope is to show you how vintage can fit into any wedding and highlight other ideas like colors, flowers, and favors. So to kick this off we are starting with...

Let me be honest, I did not have a winter wedding nor have any, of the many, weddings I have been to been a winter or winter themed wedding and after researching I feel completely in awe and a bit jipped!
To sum up the winter wedding theme in just a few phrases, I would say...formal evening with a warm intimate ambiance, rustic cabin with elegant candle light, shades of white with evergreen accents. Here are some of my favorite takeaways from my winter wedding research.
For the bride white and winter white or off white wear both prominent in my winter wedding research but what really stuck out was sparkle and texture. So let's start with the dress...this dress is actually what inspired this entire post and I wish I could tell you where to find it but it was a friends and is one of a kind altered vintage but the accessories can help create the look with any similar gown.
All of these accessories are from Scotch Street Vintage and they all sparkle like or add warmth and texture to this beautiful look. The shrug / wrap is vintage Saks Fifth Avenue. It is a Silk Lined Mohair Shrug with a belted closure. The necklace is a vintage Hattie Carnegie Beaded Necklace that is full of sparkle. Then lets a add a Vintage Mother of Pearl Clutch by aspect, the perfect size for the essentials a bride would need. Finally, the ring (which yes I know would come before the wedding but could inspire it) is a Vintage Opal and Diamond Ring
You don't have to be in the mountains somewhere to achieve this very romantic style wedding. State Parks have come a long way in lodging, catering and event planning. They often have beautiful and rustic main lodges filled with weathered wood and stone and surrounded by the nature the park is preserving. What makes these locations ideal is they already have the rustic ambiance ready to go and the prices are some of the most affordable around. Here is a great link to a website that is a directory of all state parks.
 I never realized how beautiful the mixture of pure white and winter white could be until I did this research. Think mixtures of white and ivory flowers, candles, and especially fairy lights. The mixture of the white and off white give everything beautiful depth.
I also saw lots of pops of color usually in muted or deep rich tones. My two favorite accent pallets a combination of icy blues and light grays or a the mix of dark reds and rich burgundies. Either color combination makes and incredible statement. You can click on the above photo to link to a great website with all sorts of wedding color ideas.
There are so many great ways to have fun and really play up the winter theme..like the guest favors being wraps for the ladies and scarfs for the guys. Or a hot chocolate station filled with all the fixings you can imagine to keep your guests warm on a cold winter night. There are wood accent ideas galore from table numbers to guest books. 
To see all the inspiration for this article you can click on Winter Wedding and see my Pinterest board filled with inspiration!

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