Scotch Street Vintage Trends & Obsessions

Stacking Rings

Here at Scotch Street Vintage we are obsessed with stacking rings because it is a jewelry statement so customizable and personable. Mixing metals is huge right now, which is another plus for this trend because you are not confined to the color of your wedding ring or other everyday jewelry. By adding vintage pieces in you can really add to the sentimental value. You can click here or on the picture above to see all the stacking rings Scotch Street Vintage has to offer.


Bar Pendants


One of the hottest trends in jewelry are bar pendants and here at Scotch Street we do it with a twist. Our bar pendants are upcycled / recycled pieces from old tie bars, brooches and even 1800s diaper pins. Bar pendants are great for layering on different chain lengths or make an elegant statement on their own. To see all the bar pendants Scotch Street Vintage has to offer please click here or on the picture above.


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