Welcome to the NEW Scotch Street Vintage

Welcome to the new and improved www.scotchstreetvintage.com if you are familiar with our etsy shop www.scotchstreetvintage.etsy.com all your favorite things are still there and all our items will be available here as well. The goal of this website is to be more editorial and show our customers how our items fit in with current trends and styles.

We also want this new site to be much more of a conversation. I hear so many great questions, stories and insights from our clients and I wanted to have a place to share your thoughts and ideas. So please let us know your thoughts and the trends you are interested. You can reach us here Contact Us.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we want this site to convey our love for vintage. There is something so special about holding a ring that is engraved "Mother 1915" or creating a beautiful bar pendant from an 1800s, 14k solid gold, diaper pin. I want to highlight these pieces and their stories.


So now we are off to the races just in time for the holiday rush so I am going to go treasure hunting to find wonderful vintages pieces for you, check back soon!

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